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Beck Bogart & Apis Live in Japan is the only live album by Beck Bogart & Apis.

This live album was released only in Japan and was discontinued due to Jeff Beck’s wish, so it became a very rare item until it was released on CD in 1989.

Recorded at the Osaka concert in May 1973.
Although the vocals were not great, the band showed their true ability in playing instruments, and gave a great performance in Japan.

Track listing
Lose Myself With You
Jeff’s Boogie
Going Down
Morning Dew
Sweet Sweet Surrender
Livin’ Alone
I’m So Proud
Black Cat Moan
Why Should I Care
Plynth / Shotgun (Medley)

On this album, Jeff Beck played with a talking modulator before Peter Frampton did.

Tim Bogart and Carmine Appice are former members of Vanilla Fudge.
Vanilla Fudge had a successful debut album, Keep Me Hanging On, which reached #6 in the US.

Tim Bogart died on January 13, 2021.

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