GOOD DREAMS is the fifth album by the Roosters


GOOD DREAMS is the fifth album by the Roosters, released on April 21, 1984.

In 1982, Shinya Oe, a core member of the Roosters, fell ill.
Shinya Oe went to see a psychiatrist. Shinya Oe was repeatedly in and out of the hospital due to a nervous breakdown.
In 1983, the Roosters suspended their activities for almost half a year.
In 1984, Shinya Oe’s health deteriorated further and he had trouble recording.
For this reason, the album “GOOD DREAMS” contained only three new songs out of the eight recorded. (The new songs are ゴミ, Good Dreams, and Hard Rain.)
Of the remaining five songs on “GOOD DREAMS”, four were remixes of previously released songs, and one was a cover of Sonhouse’s All Alone.
Because of this, there is a wide range of recording dates for the songs, and the seven participating members are Shinya Oe (vocals, guitar), Hiroyuki Hanada (guitar), Tomio Inoue (bass), Junji Ikehata (drums), Masayuki Nada Tomo (drums), Jun Shimoyama (guitar), and Koichi Ando (keyboards).
Shinya Oe was in a terrible state, but the Roosters’ three new songs were excellent. Especially the album title tune, “GOOD DREAMS”, was a number with hopeful lyrics and a beautiful melody.
Shinya Oe was singing “Wouldn’t you like to add a little color to this night?
I’m searching and searching for a good dream.woo woo woo”
The last number on the album was a cover of Sonhouse’s “All Alone”.
“All Alone” is a sad and lonely song, the opposite of “GOOD DREAMS”.
“All Alone” has these lyrics.
“Living in this world full of mistakes, now I think
I want to be a butterfly and fly free in the beautiful field with you.”

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Good Dreams(作詞・作曲:大江慎也)
C.M.C.(Health -Mix)(作詞:大江慎也、作曲:ザ・ルースターズ)
Hard Rain(作詞:大江慎也、作曲:大江慎也、安藤広一)
Drive All Night(Club -Mix)(作詞・作曲:Elliot Murphy)
ニュールンベルグでささやいて(Health -Mix)(作詞:大江慎也、作曲:ザ・ルースターズ)
All Alone(作詞:柴山俊之、作曲:鮎川誠)

THE ROOSTERZ – GOOD DREAMS UHQCD version (from their 1984 5th album "GOOD DREAMS) ルースターズ
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