FOUR PIECES The Roosters Roosterz The new Roosters catch a strong rhythm section and complete a great rock album.


The best album of Roosters after Shinya Oe left the band, maybe the last and the best album of Roosters!
From the Shinya Oe Roosters to the Hiroyuki Hanada Roosters, and the birth of the Jun Shimoyama Roosters
FOUR PIECES is the eleventh album by The Roosters, released on May 1, 1988.
The last studio album by the Roosters.
The members were Hiroyuki Hanada (guitar, vocals), Jun Shimoyama (guitar, vocals), Hitokichi Anai (bass), Shigeo Mihara (drums).
Guest musicians included Hoppy Kamiyama (keyboards, chorus), SION (blues harp), and Hitoshi Watanabe (cello).

After the tour of the previous album “PASSENGER”, which was recorded in Paris, two members, Kazuhiko Kashiyama on bass and Masayuki Nadatomo on drums, decided to leave the band, and Hanada and Shimoyama later discussed and decided to break up the Roosters.
However, since there was still a release contract with the record company, it was decided to produce another record, and Shimoyama invited Hitokichi Anai, formerly of Th eRockers, on bass and Shigeo Mihara, formerly of Rosa Luxemburg, on drums as new members.
The new Roosters catch a strong rhythm section and complete a great rock album.

Shimoyama said of Anai, “He’s a great bass player, and it would be a shame to let him rot in Kyushu,” and of Mihara, “I’ve wanted to work with him for a while.
The recording of “FOUR PIECES” was a bleak affair. The two new members described the recording process as being like making two solo albums, and the album has been described as having a session-like atmosphere.
However, contrary to the situation, the album itself was very substantial.
In an interview in June 1988, Hanada said that he could see that the band would do well with the new members, and that sound-wise, the band was the best it had been since Shinya Oe left.
In an interview the day after the breakup concert, Shimoyama also expressed his confidence in the album, saying that he had confidence in the rhythm section, that they could take any idea and that they were at their best and could never make anything better.
As for the origin of the album’s title, Hanada said, “It felt like the four of us were all together.

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Track listing
1.GUN CONTROL (lyrics and music by Hiroyuki Hanada)
2.再現出来ないジグソウ・パズルUnrepeatable Jigsaw Puzzle (Lyrics: Toshiyuki Shibayama, Music: Jun Shimoyama)
3.鉄橋の下でUnder the Steel Bridge (Lyrics: PANTA, Music: Jun Shimoyama)
4.LAND OF FEAR (lyrics and music by Julian Cope)
5.(Standing at) THE CROSS ROAD (lyrics and music by Hiroyuki Hanada)
6.EVERYBODY’S SIN (written and composed by Jun Shimoyama)
7.NAKED HEAVY MOON (lyrics by Toshiyuki Shibayama, music by Jun
8.曼陀羅MANDARA (lyrics by PANTA, music by Jun Shimoyama)
9.LADY COOL (lyrics and music by Hiroyuki Hanada)
10.予言者PROPHECY (lyrics and music by Jun Shimoyama)

The Roosters – Four Pieces (FULL ALBUM)